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for me this comes down to

by Jay ?, San Diego, Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 12:59 @ Mike (bart)

the disappointing offense in our last two games. We disagree on the factors and their weightings; you weigh lack of talent more heavily, I look at the lack of game plan and wonder if someone with more experience than Rees would have come up with something more productive. I don't think Clemson's defense nor Alabama's defense in 2020 are among the best defenses Notre Dame has faced in the Kelly era and thus I think we underperformed, even with the talent on hand.

I understand and accept your rebuttals and opinions on the matter and I am not questioning your sanity or mental acuity. We just disagree!

I'm not insane, I swear. I'm smart. Not dumb, like people say. Smart.


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