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Seeing a real lack of receipts re: Rees

by Mike (bart), Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 09:46 @ Domer99

he did as much to hold Bama to 31 points as Lea did. The real stuff to be sore about with the last two games:

- Vs. Clemson we folded once they hit us a couple of times. That'sa general coaching point but mostly rolls up to Kelly.

- Vs. Clemson we didn't have an answer for Lawrence running the ball. That's on Lea. We also didn't have a prayer of keeping up with their receivers - which is just a longstanding talent issue

- Vs. Bama we just didn't go for the win. Shitty 4th down strategy, no onside kicks, etc. We should've dialed up more deep shots but we also were probably 2 or 3 lucky bounces from taking them into the 4th quarter (which is a sad ceiling on our ambitions but that's just who we are and who they are). Again, Alabama's offense was actually more successful vs. us on a per play basis than they were on average over he course of the season

Really I feel like there's some whining about the offense as it's been brought into light just how far away we are. We don't have the university to play the game the same way Bama does. That's been obvious for a while but maybe it's just that our noses are pressed up more tightly against the window the past few weeks?


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