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Not to speak for Jay

by Domer99, John Wesley Powell's Expedition Island, Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 09:36 @ Jim (fisherj08)
edited by Domer99, Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 09:39

But I think it's probably Rees, and not really anyone else. Hard to fault Taylor, Alexander, or everybody's favorite whipping boy Quinn.

And I agree with Jay to a minor extent, in that I think Rees is deserving of criticism for our play calling, scheme, and strategy for the last 2 games. However where I depart, is I actually think Rees was pretty good the balance of the year.

But this is also a macro view and how do you answer this question: was the hiring of Rees indicative of a overall lack of program commitment? I am not sure it's as definitive as some have presented. And reasonable minds can disagree. Kelly has shown a willingness to go outside the program (hiring Long and Sanford) and relinquished play calling duties, so I don't think it's totally fair to say that Kelly isn't as committed to building our program because the state of the current offense.

Rees was coveted enough to warrant interest as Northwestern's OC. I believe Oregon too (if I am not mistaken). So I just have a hard time thinking this fits the mold of the same ol' small-timey, low hanging fruit argument. I get being frustrated with the last 2 games because I was too, I just don't know that it reflects some bigger systemic issues that plague ND.


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