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This will always be my biggest criticism of Rees this season

by Domer99, John Wesley Powell's Expedition Island, Monday, January 11, 2021, 23:07 @ CK08

And really over the last 2 games.

In the Clemson game, we were inside Clemson's 35 yard line 3 straight times to start the game and walked away with 3 points. You just can't do that. The game slipped away from us from there.

Against Bama it was different. We probably should have deferred the kick when we won the toss. But I think Kelly knew in order for this team to win we had to get out front early like we did the first Clemson game. That game was the blueprint for us against an elite team. We don't have the weapons like tOSU, Clemson, or Bama but if we can get ahead our defense can contain the other team. The problem? Well we never really converted our possession after a lousy kick return and we got behind the scoreboard. This was not a team that was explosive offensively against superior talented teams.

I can't blame the strategy. It was what is was. But I'd also add that Rees didn't game plan for defenses that sought to neutralize keeping Book in pocket. If there's a major criticism it's finding a way to execute what we do effectively. We kind of turtled into trying to run Kyren for 3-4 yards a pop and throw to Mayer on short routes. That doesn't cut it when you're playing from behind.


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