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  Finbar Tunney O'Hanlon Photos (1)... Galway GAA   

O'Hanlon enrolls early; Irish excited, terrified
-by South Bend Tribune Feb 14, 2006
Gaelic Recruit wows in visit to ND; SMCers swoon
-by Belle Feb 14, 2006
Carr to offer; "No fookin' way" says Hanlon
-by theWolverine .net Feb 6, 2006
Trojans eyeing O'Hanlon; O'Hanlon wants to know what the fook they're looking at
-by Trojanwire Jan 16, 2006
Ianello discovers a unique recruit
-by the Blue-Gray Sky, April 1, 2005

Hot News:
O'Hanlon busted in SUDS roundup, outruns 20 cops with a keg on his back
-by Mar 22, 2006

Injury News:
O'Hanlon has numerous injuries, including a torn earlobe, a distended liver, curvature of the spine, premature baldness, chronic halitosis and bite marks.

Media Center:
Scouting Video 1

Ht: 5-9 Wt: 252 40: 6.2 (4.0 barefoot)
Position: Center Half; Goalkeeper, Ranconteur
Year: n/a
School: Homeschooled by dear old mum

2007 HS Football Rankings (full list):
Pos: ? Pos Rank: NR Pos Rating: Player Evaluation:
 Body Weight
 Skull Thickness
Leprechaun Flute
 Guinness Appreciation
 Playing nice with others
Simply unbelievable skill, speed, and strength. Although he has never even touched a football, O'Hanlon will likely win multiple Heismans, a Pulitzer and a Nobel prize.


See this story for the scoop on O'Hanlon.

O'Hanlon was an early enrollee this semester at Notre Dame and has been spotted swimming the St. Joe River at three in the morning. He was assigned to live in 231 Keenan, but has been dismantling his room cinder block by cinder block and constructing his own stone shack behind Stepan Center, where he cooks geese and fish that he has caught on his swims. Approach with caution.

Age: Unknown. Possibly anywhere from 18-33.

Coach's Comments: "He is the greatest natural athletic talent I have ever seen in my entire life. He's 5 foot nine and 250 pounds of pure hell. I can't control him. Nobody can. He's a whirling dervish with reflexes of hawk and the temper of a pissed-off mountain goat. He's your problem now, Yanks. "

O'Hanlon: "For fook's sake, let's see what this little game is all about."

Charlie Weis: "Look, folks, it's pretty simple. O'Hanlon has a chance to go down as the greatest player to ever put on a gold helmet. That's assuming we can get him to wear one while he's playing. And if we can keep him sober."


Schools of Interest:
School Interest Level Offer? Attended Camp? Visit Date Signed LOI?
Galway FC Med Interest Yes      
Manchester United High Interest Yes      
Army (not West Point; the actual Army) Classified ?      
Michigan Pendulous Yes      
Notre Dame High Interest Yes     Yes
USC Panting Yes      
Washington Golfing No      

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