Each year there are several posts every week asking about what time various events occur during the weekend. Last year I went through various sites and sources and compiled in one central location everything that goes on during the football weekends. There's also some information for events that are not massively broadcasted. It may be difficult to hit every item on this list in one weekend (especially multiple since things take place at the same time) but that's why you come back more than once.

Please take a look, feel free to add any comments, make any corrections or add anything else that takes place around campus. Thanks.

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Time Event Location Information
11:30 AM Kickoff Luncheon Joyce Center Fieldhouse Must purchase tickets ($20) Order Form
4:00 PM Trumpets in the Dome 2nd Floor Main Building The best view is from the 3rd or 4th floor standing around the railing looking down.
4:15 PM Drumline Warms Up Outside Main Building
4:30 PM Band Marchout and Practice Originates at Main Buidling to Joyce Center Parking Lot
4:45 PM Glee Club Rehearsal Crowley Hall
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pep Rally Joyce Center Must acquire tickets (free): They usually distribute them at the ticket window on the east side of the football stadium at 5:00 pm. People will start lining up at 4:00 pm. The line could well extend entirely around the football stadium, but you can still get tickets even if you are halfway around.
12:00 AM Midnight Drummer's Circle Infront of Main Building Every Friday at midnight, before home games, the ND Band drum line assembles at the foot of the Main Building stairs to play drum cadences. Hundreds of fans and students gather and chant responses to the various beats. It makes for a late night, but it is a unique experience and well worth it if you can stay up that late for an impromptu pep rally. It lasts about 45 minutes. The best view is from the steps of the Main Building.
Saturday (Kickoff is typically 3:30 PM for games during the first half of the season, 2:30 PM for games during the second half)
7:00 AM/8:00AM Parking Lots Open Tower Lot, Stadium Lot, Joyce Lot, RV Reserved Lot, Bookstore Lot, Library Lot, Bus Lot Parking Passes are required in advance Parking Map (NOTE: Maps are current with construction areas. Take note of which lots are still open compared to previous years)

One way traffic patterns - begin 3 1/2 hours prior to the game and cease approximately 1 1/2 hours following its conclusion. Please plan your travel times accordingly.
7:30 AM/8:30 AM Parking Lots Open RV Drive Up, White Field North White Field Lot is $20 w/ shuttle service (or a short walk) Parking Map ($100 for RVs and Busses) NOTE: If you are able, it is sometimes quicker and easier to walk than waiting for the shuttle busses, especially after the game.

One way traffic patterns - begin 3 1/2 hours prior to the game and cease approximately 1 1/2 hours following its conclusion. Please plan your travel times accordingly.

Also, if you are staying in the Main St. Mishawaka area or in downtown South Bend or arrive on the South Shore, look into the off-campus shuttle

If you are driving from Chicago on Saturday, it is suggested to leave Chicago baround 6am CT. Later then that traffic begins backing up on the toll road and parking lots begin filling up.
8:30 AM/9:30 AM Band Step Off Originates at Band Building past Stonehenge to Loftus The band marches through campus waking everyone up on their way to practice.
While on campus Tailgate / Walk around campus Campus Get a burger or brat from one of the student run concession stands throughout campus. The money goes to whatever club, hall or organization is running that particular stand. It can also be good to buy a steak sandwich from the Knights of Columbus on campus. Or you can enjoy a little tailgating, which is a hallowed Notre Dame tradition
10:50 AM/11:50 AM Bookstore Pep Rally Bookstore
11:10 AM/12:10 PM Legends Pep Rally Legends
11:20 AM/12:20 PM Joyce Center Pep Rally Joyce Center
11:30 AM/12:30 PM Bagpipe Band Around Campus (South Quad, God Quad)
12:00 PM/1:00 PM Team Walk to the Stadium Originates at Basilica to Notre Dame Stadium The team attends mass prior to each home game. There is usually a pretty large crowd gathered outside the Basilica to cheer them as they exit the church and line the walkway as the team makes their way to the stadium.
12:30 PM/1:30 PM Glee Club Concert Joyce Center Fieldhouse
12:40 PM/1:40 PM Corporate Tent Pep Rally Corporate Tent
12:50 PM/1:50 PM Monogram Club Tent Pep Rally Monogram Club Tent
1:00 PM/2:00 PM Concert on the Steps Bond Hall
Immediately after Concert on the Steps (roughly 1:25 PM/2:25 PM) Trumpets in the Dome 3rd and 4th Floor Main Building The best view is from the center of 2nd floor looking up or from the 5th floor railings looking down. The sound is great and it gets everyone pumped up.
Drummer's Circle Bond Hall
1:40 PM/2:40 PM Band Inspection and Marchout Originates infront of Main Building to Notre Dame Stadium Just before heading to the stadium, the band assembles for a quick inspection. See the band march from either on the sidewalk next to them, or from up in the stadium on the second level looking out in front of DeBartolo as they come to the stadium with the huge crowd behind them. Both are neat experiences.
Team Stretch and Warmup Notre Dame Stadium The team jogs out into their lines for stretching. Once the lines are formed and stretching begins, Charlie walks down each line and shakes the hands of every player on the team. Its a cool sight to see if you aren’t out watching the band.
2:10 PM/3:10 PM Pregame Notre Dame Stadium
2:30 PM/3:30 PM Kickoff Notre Dame Stadium Stand, yell, scream and make noise when opposing team has the ball. Continue to stand when we have the ball
Immediately after the game Post Game Notre Dame Stadium Team salutes the students and joins in the singing of Notre Dame Our Mother
After the game Candle Light Dinner South Dining Hall
30 minutes after the game Mass Basilica, Alumni Hall, Dillon Hall, Keenan-Stanford Hall, Keough Hall, Morrissey Hall, Siegfried Hall, Sorin Hall, St. Edward's Hall
45 minutes after the game Mass Stepan Center
8:00 AM Mass Basilica of the Sacred Heart Visit the Basilica website for more information: Basilica of the Sacred Heart
10:00 AM Mass - Liturgical Choir Basilica of the Sacred Heart
11:45 AM Mass - Folk Choir Basilica of the Sacred Heart
More information can be found here: Notre Dame Football Weekends - Be sure to look at the 'Gridiron Graffiti' section for the listings for the current weekend